Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29: Starting Next Round and Important Prayer Request.

We're back in Nashville. We officially moved into our apartment, which is provided for free by the American Cancer Society ... uh, or some other cancer support group. My daughter keeps saying it's not the ACS.

We'll be in this apartment for a few months, till the recovery period from the transplant is over.

Today we went back to appointments. I had a PET Scan today, and I will see Dr. Strickland and possible also Dr. Goebel, who's in charge of my transplant, tomorrow. After that, I get a marrow biopsy. Then I'm off for a week until Tuesday, September 6.

On the 6th I'll start the "consolidation" round of chemotherapy. I'll be given chemo morning and night on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I think the night time session is scheduled to end around 11 pm each of those days.

That's late, but, hey, at least it's outpatient.

In between, I'm going to Florida for a house church conference. We're really looking forward to meeting some people and learning some things. There are 5 couples from Rose Creek Village going. Since we're leaving from Nashville, we'll meet up with the others in Macon, Georgia on Thursday night.

So that's my news, but you really need to hear Jerry's news. The things that happen to him are unbelievable ...

Prayer Request

Remember how in the hospital Jerry's heart rate dropped from the 70's down into the 40's and stayed there? It almost stopped his second attempt to put his leukemia in remission, but thank God (and your prayers) that things worked out, which is amazing.

Today he called. He was in great spirits, but the news he got around to giving me was chilling.

His brother's heart rate jumped from the 70's to the low 100's ... and stayed there.

Good grief.

Apparently, the cause is a damaged nerve in his chest somewhere. He has an appointment in a couple weeks where they are going to stop his heart, burn the nerve (somehow healing it), and then restart his heart.

Real safe, huh?

With this operation, two lives are on the line. Dump is Jerry's brother, and he's also Jerry's marrow donor. Jerry's heart hasn't been good for a long time. He had a heart attack a few years ago. He doesn't need the trouble that will come from having a mismatched donor, and his brother is a perfect match.

This should really have gone before my news, I think.

Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Wow! We will definitely be praying for Jerry and his brother. We'll even pray for them first, before you, because I know you'd rather we did. ;) Love you!

  2. We are praying for Jerry & his brother. Those are amazing circumstances. We will see what God will do!