Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bouncing Back

Well, it's November 10th already. I've been on this journey four and a half months already!

My white blood cell count jumped to 0.6 yesterday. That's significant. Most of those white blood cells will be neutrophils. All infections should be taken seriously, but now my body can join the antibiotics in fighting against this one, which is already under control.

Very good sign.

They're going to give me a stress test today. The hematology doctors want to send me home today. We'll see what the cardiologists think. Then, once I get home, we wait and see what damage I did to my schedule with Sunday night's heart attack.

I'm still amazed that was a heart attack, so brief, so painless, and in the end, no damage done! Good may have been done, in fact. If there's a blockage, better to find out now than to have had the heart attack a week after the transplant, when I would be completely depleted physically, and the damage may have been far worse ... or fatal. I've never thought of a heart attack as a blessing, but this one could be a dramatic blessing.

I'm praying it's not overtreated, but we do want to know how bad the blockage is (or blockages are) before we move on.

Tidbit for the Day

For me, my path involves looking for the sustenance of God through this leukemia journey. But it's not that I don't think God can't miraculously heal.

I think you'll enjoy the story below. I don't trust the 700 Club, and I certainly don't endorse them. You can tell, however, that the people in this video weren't using the 700 Club's "Secrets of the Supernatural," which they try to foist on us at the end. The people involved were simply parents in a hopeless situation crying out for mercy.

You can look up the doctor in the video on the internet. She really works here at Vanderbilt. This is a true story.

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  1. What a beautiful sweet couple who just had a pure faith in God. Iloved It