Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christian Cancer Blogs

I got an email today from a lady who had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, but has been cancer-free since 2009. She told me that she's been using her blog as a sort of center for Christian cancer blogs.

I think a lot of us have been doing that, and if her March 7 post is any indication, then Cyndi's blog is an excellent one.


  1. Paul, Thank you so much for posting my blog. I have received many hits from the east coast and beyond; I think your Irish friend must have checked it out . . . I just read about your BPCDN (wow). You really researched it! When I looked up my cancer, MCL, not nearly as long as your BPCDN, which stands for mantle cell lymphoma, my stats were deary, too. But let me tell you something. I was treated nearly 4 years ago and I am amazed at how research has advanced and my cancer is starting to be treated differently than my protocol. Four years ago my treatment regime's overall survival and long term survival was too new to really tell. Now patients that were treated nine years ago with my treatment are showing hopeful statistics for long term remission. All this to say, I hope the research for your leukemia is advancing at a rapid pace, too, and in a few years you will see much better NED and long term remission. I look forward to a continuing blog friendship. Cyndi

  2. Thanks, Cyndi. Your blog's awesome, so I'm glad to send you readers.

    The collection of people I've met through this blog is amazing, and the opportunity to share all our experiences is empowering for all of us, I believe.