Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 91

Off to the clinic this morning for a blood draw. This afternoon I also have a breathing treatment that's scheduled every month to help make sure I don't get pneumonia. They give that to all the transplant patients.

I'm hoping the breathing treatment will help a little with the minor allergies I've had the last week and a half. The clinic has already tested me to make sure it's not a cold or flu. Pollen levels are about the worst they've ever been here in Tennessee. In fact, I just read yesterday in Discover that Knoxville, 3 hours drive from here, is the worst city in the United States for allergies (based on number of visits to doctors, allergy medicines purchased, pollen levels, and a couple other such factors).

It's not that the allergies are bad. They've been worse. It's just that sniffling and coughing are scary to transplant patients. My nose and throat got really dry last night, and I had to spend an hour sleeping almost upright on the couch, which helped immensely. Time to get that humidifier back out.

I wanted to request prayer for Tamara. She's getting her central line today, which they'll use to draw blood and give IV's, including the chemo regimen she'll be getting leading up to her transplant on May 2. Inserting the catheter is a full anesthesia surgery, minor surgery though it is.

Thanks. Good day to all of you!

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