Saturday, June 8, 2013

So Much To Talk About!

The last post was named Nothing To Talk About, so I thought I'd name this the opposite as some sort of interesting pun, though now that I think about it, I can't imagine what would be interesting about that.

But it's an appropriate title.

Life's a whirlwind. I'm a writer, and it's not just this blog. I write the content for Christian History for Everyman and Proof of Evolution. I edit and upload the pages for A Brief History of Soccer. Well, I should say that I think about writing the content for Proof of Evolution. I don't have time for it.

I do have two blogs that I do find time for, though, this one and The Rest of the Old, Old Story.

I recently wrote a 40-page booklet called The Apostles' Gospel. I was supposed to do a final edit on it this last week, but I couldn't get to it. I spent all day Thursday in Nashville getting checkups at Vanderbilt, which I wrote about. Friday we were out looking at warehouses all day because our business has outgrown its current building, and we need to move. Between the heat and all the walking—one of those warehouses was like a small town—I was exhausted and had to cancel a teaching I was to do Friday night.

Today I edited an old booklet of mine called How To Make a Church Fail. It purports to be a discovered letter by Satan explaining how he got the church to compromise with the government in the fourth-century Roman empire. Call it an unusual form of historical fiction. I haven't read it myself in three years, and I loved it.

Okay, maybe that's a weird thing to say about my own book.

It'll be out on Kindle in no more than a month, I'm sure. My assistant and daughter-in-law, Dassi, is furiously fast at turning edited copy into a booklet with an incredible book cover. She adapted the terrific painting done for me by Jeremiah Briggs into the best cover I've even seen. Too bad's it on a 20-page booklet. On the other hand, booklets are cheap. The artwork on the cover will be worth more than the purchase price!

I've already started on a book called The New Law. It's only got eight pages so far, but the only review I've gotten was, "I'm so disappointed it ended there."

I have a booklet somewhat done that I found on my hard drive called The Gospel and Grace. I would love to edit that one, too, but I don't know when I'll have time.

In the meantime, I just sent an email today asking for Dassi's help on turning the "Yippee! I Have Leukemia" blog into a book. I've been meaning to do that for a year, but ... yeah, I haven't had time.

Thursday and Friday, the days I went to Vanderbilt and looked at warehouses, I spent free time on the phone trying to work out pre-approval for a loan so we can buy a house in Memphis. Friday afternoon, a customer with an Irish brogue came in and struck up conversation. It was great, but I got a phone call and questions from the warehouse staff during the conversation, and when I was done, I couldn't think straight. I was light-headed, and the world looked extraordinarily yellow.

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I'm featuring my first book, In the Beginning Was the Logos, on Kindle boards on Monday. It will be at 99 cents for Kindle through all of June, despite the fact that it is over 400 pages of captivating history and years of research. (The most common remark about the book is, "I can't believe you did all this research!" The second most common is, "Wow, this history book was actually interesting.") It will also be featured on and sometime this month.

What I got really excited about, though, was that the manager of the Buffalo Wild Wings in Jackson asked me to come down and do a book signing. That would be fun!

I gave him a signed copy of the book when it came out. I talk to him here and there because we've ordered a massive amount of wings for our warehouse a couple time as a thank you to the workers. If they were closer to our warehouse, we'd do it more often!

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