Monday, May 18, 2015

Neutropenia Is Now Good News!

Usually a neutrophil count of 270, which is so low that it's considered "neutropenic," is bad. Today, though, a neutrophil count of 270 is wonderful! I was expecting zero.

Exactly one week ago I had a neutrophil count of 300. I refused a Neupogen shot (a white blood cell/neutrophil booster) on advice of my doctor at Vanderbilt and went through the week assuming I was neutropenic. For the last three months, I could be confident that if I didn't get a Neupogen or Neulasta shot, my neutrophils would drop to zero. Since those are the cells that fight bacteria, that means I have to wear a surgical mask, wash my hands all the time, avoid raw foods, etc. I can't even mow the lawn or do plumbing.

Today, after one week, I am still neutropenic, but I am not at zero! I am at 270! Something really has kicked in. Now we see how well it's kicked in. I'll get a blood check again next week, here locally. No more neupogen shots. My body has to do this on its own.


  1. i message you on fb but my little boy is only 20 months old and he has got blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasm do you know what the survival rate is after a bone marrow transplant

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I'm sorry for just getting to this, but I don't know the answer to your question. 20 months old is very young! Did you ask the doctors the same question? What did they tell you?