Friday, March 15, 2013

Cancer Sucks ... or Not

Cancer is a devastating disease that has caused tragedy, heartbreak, and long, intense suffering for far too many people. Cancer really does suck, if you'll excuse my using such terminology.

So why do I cringe when I think about "cancer sucks" coming out of my mouth?

Well, because cancer didn't suck for me. My bout with leukemia was interesting and life-transforming. It was painful, but it wasn't lonely. In fact, it was one of the least lonely times of my life. It was extremely dangerous and survival was somewhat unlikely, but since I didn't spend any time worrying about that, it didn't bother me. I've wonderful adventures and experiences with great people before, but this is my most recent one.

It's a fond memory. It didn't suck at all.

I saw a T-shirt today that says, "It came. We fought. I won. Leukemia Survivor."

I want to change it a little bit, especially the word "fought." I didn't fight. I danced. So my T-shirt has to say:

Cancer came, we danced, I'm still alive.
Looking for the next adventure

The following designs are more my style. You can get them at

Or this one; I really like this one:

Actually, next step is 5K. (2 miles in about 32 minutes today; I'm just aiming for 3.1 miles in 45 minutes. Almost on pace!)

But the big goal, though maybe I'm just dreaming: Badwater


  1. There is no doubt that the things you put your mind to and God be with you, who then can be against you......

    1. Hey, Kitty! I miss you! I love seeing the FB pics of you with the kids. You're such a good pre-school teacher.

  2. "Cancer came, we danced, I'm still alive. Looking for the next adventure..." I love that Papa Shammah!

    Its amazing how your whole cancer adventure has made you a better person :) Its very evident that God has great plans for you (some of those plan just seem very scary to us at first!)! I'm just grateful that God never leaves us especially in our darkest times...
    Keep on Dancing :) Happy Adventures!

    I love you dearly!
    One of your many adopted daughters,
    Chasah Copenhaver

  3. Aww. Thanks, Chasah. That means all the more not just coming from you for who you are but from a dancer as well. You have a pretty major adventure coming yourself!!!

    Channah was just saying today how much caretaking during the transplant was like being a doula at a birth. Pretty much the same job, she said.