Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 24: Everything's THE SAME!

People are being really nice to me because they can see how dragged down I am. I'm trying to be cheerful, but there's just no energy. If I stop for a moment, I fall asleep. On the other hand, the sleep I get is much better than the sleep I've gotten any of the rest of the time I've been in here.

Nothing changes day by day. My white blood cell counts stay the same, and my red blood cell counts vary only a little. I need platelets pretty much every day, and we just wait for counts to come up.

Falling asleep on the side of my bed
I don't want to eat at all, so they've given me a chart to track my calories on. If I don't eat enough, they're going to put me back on IV nutrition. As a result, I ate my oatmeal at breakfast, drank my milk, and drank some juice. I don't know what I'll be trudging through for lunch. I'd rather just not eat.

They're going to try to let me walk the hospital some this weekend just to get me some space and a cheerier attitude. I must look pretty depressed. I really don't mean to be that way. I can't say I'm depressed. I'm just tired, and I don't want to eat.

I walked twice today anyway. It's not that hard to force myself to walk. The bottom of my feet aren't hurting anymore, so it's easy to do. It doesn't really bring any energy, though.

I'm also continuing to get the blogs done, even the Through the Bible in a Year blog, so that's good. Technical difficulties meant I couldn't post this morning's blog until about 8 or 9 am, but otherwise, I've managed to stay on it, which is encouraging.

Hopefully, I'll have some more energetic pictures to post over the next few days.

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