Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exercise Update

Good day today. This is a quick post on my way out to go box the punching bag for 5 minutes.

I walked around our warehouse 10 times today (about two and a quarter miles). In fact, one lap I ran all the way around. So that's the new standard. I can circle the warehouse running once, which is almost a quarter mile.

I timed 5 laps. which is about a mile and an eighth. Unfortunately, I don't have a more perfect distance. I was thinking I could beat 17 minutes, but inwardly I was longing to beat 15 minutes.


Not 15 minutes, but impressively close. At least I was impressed. Nothing like five years ago, when I could have run almost two miles in that time, but hey, maybe that means I'm halfway there!

I also got in some weightlifting. I dropped the weight on the bar in my office to 55 pounds, so that I'd be able to do rows and presses without worrying about hurting myself. Two years ago, before leukemia, that bar was 80 pounds, and I had no problems pressing it a dozen times.

That's okay, I knew I'm still not as strong as I used to be.

It's so exciting being able to exercise, period! This kind of thing has been very painful or downright impossible for most of the first 11 months after transplant.

Someone suggested holding a "Survivor's 5K." That would be great. Maybe I could find a place in Jackson, which is right on I-40, and get people to come from Memphis, Nashville, and other places. If any cancer survivor who reads this blog would be interested in participating in an event like that, please let me know. I'll make a list, and with a little help, I bet we could get working on it.

Oh, GVH of the eyes is doing much better with the prescription of Restasis drops that I got. I am no longer wearing sunglasses indoors. My skin is clearing up, too.

Gotta go! I have work as well as boxing to do!

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