Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Assault to The Salt

I hope, anyway.

Today, the saga from way back in August ended. McNairy County's Circuit Court dropped all charges against me for assault, and sent me home. My lawyer tells me once the paperwork is filed and in the computer, he will have my record expunged. (Even the original arrest will be removed from my record.)

My lawyer talked to the district attorney this morning, and as he put it, "No one wants to prosecute you." He started to say, "Even the police officer ... ," but then his phone rang, and he never finished. I think he was going to say that even the police officer just wanted to put it in the past and forget about it.

Thank you, Lord!

Hopefully, I can go back to trying to be part of the salt of the earth rather than worrying about assault charges.

Actually, I wasn't worrying. I was told months ago that McNairy didn't want to press charges, but "the salt" and "assault" seemed too good to pass up. Sigh ... Now you know why I didn't go into  comedy.

Exercise Update

I took today off, as far as exercise go. Yesterday was a hard day, and rest can be as much a part of getting stronger as the workouts are.

Um, as long as you actually have workouts to go with the rest!

Quick story about that. I read a book, I think called Four-Minute Mile, about the pursuit of the four-minute mile, finally accomplished by Roger Bannister. His coach openly disagreed with a running theory suggesting that after a long period of hard training, it's good to take a few days off.

He had three runners training together in pursuit of a sub-four mile. Part of their training was to run ten quarter-mile intervals. This involved running ten very fast quarter miles with a quarter mile joy in between. The goal was to get all ten of those quarter miles in 59 seconds, but they were stuck at 63 seconds.

The coach, so opposed to the philosophy of a week off as part of training, nonetheless took a break for six days and went hiking in the mountains with his three men.

When they got back, all three of them ran ten 59-second intervals.


Just a bit of training philosophy for you. My goals are much more humble than a four-minute mile, but rest is rest, and overdoing it is overdoing it, and that applies to everyone.

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