Monday, September 12, 2011

The Nature of Inspiration

Some days I write on the blog because it's wise to keep it going. Yesterday was one of those days where it was good to just get a blog post up.

Today I'm writing because of things I'm thinking about, both humorous and profound.

On the humorous side, I saw my blood counts this morning. Those blood-building shots work REALLY well on me.

The Neulasten shot I got Saturday was meant to prevent my white blood cell counts (WBC) from getting too low. Low would be if my WBC dropped below 4,000. Even 4,000 wouldn't be too bad. Keeping it above 1,000 or 2,000 so that my neutrophils wouldn't drop below 500 would be sufficient. (Neutrophils are one of the white blood cells, so the Absolute Neutrophil Count, or ANC, is a portion of the WBC.)

My white blood cell count is 25,300. My neutrophil count is 24,000.

I guess we're okay for now. smiley

Jerry's News

I just got a text from Rayetta, Jerry's wife, letting me know that he's in getting the first dose of his consolidation round of chemo. His meds are a little different than mine were, but the main one, Cytarabine or something close to that, is the same.

It shouldn't affect him for a couple days unless there's an initial reaction.

No news on Dump's heart problem yet. I suspect he's still researching it. On Wednesday, I think I'll visit the infusion center and see if they'll let Jerry have a visit from me.

My News

I was wrong yesterday. They're not trying to undo the effects of last week's chemo. They're really just trying to keep my counts up even while the chemo is working. So there's this battle going on right now between the Cytabarine and whatever else I got last week and the Neulasta shot I got on Saturday.

Since my neutrophil count is 24,000, we're actually waiting for it to go down, not up. Sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, my WBC should stabilize at a much lower number, then go up.

At that point I get switched to "priority" status, and I get a two-day evaluation from the transplant team.

The nurse told me this morning that it's possible to go from the two-day evaluation to the beginning of the transplant treatment in one week.

So I am on the fast track.

Hopefully Going Just a Little Deeper ...

Last night, my aunt put the following on Facebook:

Following my nephew's blog through my gmail has made it possible to keep up with his journey through Leukemia without coming to facebook on a daily basis ~ which was helpful during the last month while spending so much more time on caring for lil JJ and her 'bad bug'. Paul Pavao keeps me inspired, especially when I get to feeling that this 'is all too much for me'

I had a cousin in a dangerous motorcycle wreck recently. My grandmother, age 88, is in ICU right now with pneumonia. My aunt, who's caring for a small child with a "bad bug," is over 70. I wrote recently about a teenage girl with a virus that has paralyzed her from the neck down.

In the meantime, I'm typing blogs, exercising, helping home school my children, meeting new people, and praying about my best role in building the body of Christ in a new city.

Not exactly deep suffering.

Yes, I might have a time bomb inside me waiting to go off and send me to unhindered fellowship with the Spirit of God, but since the grace of God has ensured that we've spent no time worrying about such blessings, there's just not a lot of suffering going on.

But, if my story is going to inspire people doing worthwhile work, like my aunt with her great granddaughter, then I intend to keep writing. This isn't about me overcoming. This is about us overcoming.

A friend visited yesterday and spent some time talking about the care that God has for people. If Jesus Christ was willing to die and suffer for us, then he attached some great importance to us. (I know there's plenty of Americans who don't believe Jesus was God's Son nor that he died for us, but this is addressed to those who do.)

Personally, I believe our potential is very close to unlimited. Most of us just need to know that our efforts have a decent chance of producing results.

They do.

To me, Jesus didn't die because we're so wicked that God's anger had to be appeased by his death. To me, Jesus died because we were hopeless, helpless, and powerless on our own. How many of us don't know how to break our addictions, our laziness, our daily habits, and the feeling that we're just not that important in the great scheme of things?

So we go on and on, not knowing how to change.

Jesus died to turn the sons and daughters of men into the sons and daughters of God.

Jesus died to enable us to do what we thought we couldn't do. He died to make our dreams, wishes, and hopes of being a positive, powerful, life-transforming influence on those who meet us a reality.

So if I can inspire just a few other people to be hopeful, empowered, and influential, then I want to do that. This isn't about me going through some great endeavor and succeeding. This is about us going through whatever the Lord God Almighty has put in front of us, never giving up, and coming out on the other side with the rewards we never dared believe we could get.

We always thought those were for other people.

But they're for us.

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  1. Hey my brother! Thank you for the update, though I am slow at reading my email these days. You have been, are, & will be a pacesetter for me in Christ- though i have not given up completely on out running you;-)
    Also, i have been thinking about that very thing- that the wrath Christ bore on the cross was not from God. The longer I go on this race the more I am aware of how vast God's love is. Greater than our condemnation - & our feeling it. Ugh! I hate these words sometimes! inadequate! Through Christ God made a Way!
    Love you! See you soon!