Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still Thrilled

Y'all are so patient. Overall my story is great and interesting. Leukemia's awesome like that. But on an ongoing, every day basis, even I get tired of the story. There's more to life than blood counts, hemorrhoids, and trying to jog.

Yosemite, kind of a perfect picture for this post. You may be able to see two of my sons in the lower center.
But that gives me a boatload to talk about!

We all have to get up and do the mundane every day. Now as for me, my days aren't all the same because I at least have the surprise of how I'm going to feel each morning, which is always different. Leukemia's awesome like that.

So when every day seems the same, and you wonder what you're supposed to be doing with your life, what keeps you going?

Here's the things I think make life worth living even when every day seems the same:

  • My wife and kids
  • Friends and neighbors
  • The young people I work with
  • The not-so-young people I work with
  • Memories and good times with all the above
  • Walking in nature - it somehow always makes me remember life isn't really about getting things done.

I'll save the "Leukemia's Awesome Like That" post for tomorrow. Y'all have to help me with today's post. When everything seems the same every day, what would you list as making life worth living?

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  1. I'll take a rain check on this answer. First I need to have a few days that seem the same...