Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm feeling pretty energetic today. Yesterday was really rough.

Sometimes I analyze things so much I miss the obvious. I spent yesterday wondering why I was so fatigued. My red blood cell counts really weren't low enough to justify the exhaustion ... and even a little bit of confusion. I wondered if maybe the Neulasta shot from Saturday was making my body work so hard that I didn't have energy for other things.

It could have been a lot easier. I could have thought, "Wow. I'm really tired. I need a nap. People on chemo need more sleep than normal."

I got a long and good night's sleep last night. I feel way better.

Sometimes the obvious is hard to see.

Did you know Americans don't rest enough? We think that if we keep going, we'll get more done. Sometimes stopping is the best way to get things done. I have that American insanity—just keep going till you drop—as bad as anyone.

Get some rest.


A friend sent me a text about the use of the word "remission" in a Bible verse. Usually, it's understood to simply be a synonym for "forgiveness." My friend, however, was thinking about it in the context of my remission from leukemia, and he told me about it.

It really got me thinking.

I wrote a blog post on it, but since the post is focused on following Christ, not leukemia, I thought it fit better on my The Rest of the Old, Old Story blog than here. Since it was inspired by leukemia, I am linking it from here, though, for those of you that want to read it.

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