Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day -12

I'm afraid today is boring, though that's a good thing. In and out of the hospital in about 15 minutes. Then we went home, I walked a mile and a half, very fast, and then I stayed up and answered emails.

It's now 3:22 pm, and I feel great.

My family's visiting, so it is good this is short. I already did my Read Through the Bible in a Year post for tomorrow before I went to the hospital this morning. I had actually forgotten about today's, so I did that after midnight last night rather than going to bed. I remembered on my way to bed! How sad!

I'm going to try to get all of next week's commentaries done this weekend.

It's really not hard. I don't have to look anything up in most cases. I've already asked all the questions that are important to me, and went to look them up, twenty or more years ago. Anything I'm studying and looking up now is not the sort of thing that ought to be covered in a beginning guide to the Bible like what I'm writing.

I'm confident there's a few unique things in there, though. There are not too many people writing basic Bible commentary like that who are familiar with the writings of the early Christians the way I am, nor who have pursued church life the way I have. Most basic Bible guides are simply rehashing traditional views without questioning whether they really have a solid basis in the Scriptures and the historic Christian faith. I offer a unique perspective, almost like getting Gene Edwards and David Bercot rolled into one, though I'm not as good a writer as either of those guys (and David Bercot is a more rounded historian).

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