Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 14: Something More Light-Hearted

How things can change in a day! Earlier today I posted about whatever I did to my eye, and I put a picture taken right afterward.

The picture is pretty dramatic. I had just leaped out of bed to experience massive dry heaves. In the picture you can see the gel that leaked out everywhere except within the iris area, and you can see the swelling in my eyes as well.

My lips are also swollen from being chapped and from mouth sores, and we had not yet figured out how to stop the rash that was all over my face and a lot of my body.

The picture that starts this blog was taken today, two days after my little traumatic event which had happened in the morning (on Sunday, then, I guess).

Anyway, as you can see, vaseline for the chapped lips, plenty of continued mouth rinsings, and antibiotics and hydrocortisone for the rash on my face and body, my whole head is recovered! I look like like an old, bald guy, with almost a double chin and spots and bruises all over my body.

I haven't had a lot of energy today, so I've rested a lot.

Day 14 is the official bottom of the pit, where you start hoping for things to begin healing and recovering. Of course, cord blood cases like mine take longer. Of course, I already started to begin healing and recovering.

I still haven't told you about the adult diapers I started on yesterday. (I moved up to Depend® pull-ups today, though. I'm a big boy now!) It's not as bad as you think, and I'll spare you a lot of details. There haven't even been any messes to clean up!

Anyway, I shared a couple videos the other day from Nick Vujocic, who is well-known now. All us 70's and 80's Jesus Freaks remember Joni Eareckson Tada, who is still doing good for the Lord as a quadriplegic. The link is to her biography on her site.

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