Friday, October 14, 2011

I haven't heard anything about this next round of chemo yet, not even when it will happen. I wouldn't be that surprised to have them call and say, "Can you start tomorrow?"

Actually, since it's Friday, I would be surprised.

I got another spinal tap yesterday. They pulled a little more spinal fluid, so now every time I stand or sit up I get a headache. I'm going through the day on hydrocodone right now so that I can get up when I want to without too much pain.

I told the doctor yesterday about my experience between Monday, when I got the first spinal tap, and yesterday. Monday was okay. Tuesday I had a headache whenever I stoop up too long, and Wednesday I was really nauseous. I asked if that was normal. He said, "I wouldn't say that's normal, but it's not surprising."

So I asked him if this second spinal tap would make the headaches worse. He took a breath like he was going to give an explanation, then he let it out and said, "Yes."

Then he explained to me that the hole in the dura mater, the thick lining that surrounds the spinal cord and holds the spinal fluid, doesn't just heal up instantly. It will leak until it heals, and in most people that happens in 24 hours, but it can take up to a week in others. So sitting up or standing puts maximal pressure on the hole, letting spinal fluid seep out. It's best, he said, to lay down as much as possible the first 24 hours so the hole heals faster.

I wish they'd told me that on Monday.

On Monday, I went from the spinal tap to Caleb's soccer practice. We drove for half an hour, then we waited around for almost two hours because we had been given the wrong time for practice. Then I watched his practice for almost two hours, then we drove another half hour home.

That's not exactly laying down.

So I've been mostly laying down since yesterday. I've been pretty good about that since every time I stand or sit up I have a headache. If I'm up for more than about five minutes, like right now, I get nauseated. So I'm going to quit doing this update and go lay back down.

By the way, I had a depressing update a couple days ago. I'm in great spirits today. It's very easy to be upbeat. I just got done with a Bible class with my kids, most of which I did in a reclined position, which wasn't too bad. I have lots of visitors coming this weekend, and I'll lay around and talk to them and drink a lot of water.

I'm probably losing weight pretty quickly, though, as sitting up to eat makes me not want to eat! I eat enough to stay healthy, and I'm mostly eating fruit, so it's a great diet.

I'd really rather have my spinal fluid back, though.

Have a great day, y'all. Don't read this like it's depressing. I'm enjoying the family and the day and looking forward to the visitors.

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  1. Dear Shammah,

    I am so glad that you are in good spirit today. We have been praying for you and our God is faithful. I like reading your blog entries because I can keep up with your treatment and how you are doing. It helps us to know how to pray for you. Besides, it's like hearing you talk like when you were home.

    Love you very much,