Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guest Blog and Neat Links

Okay, some guest things.

Leilani and I fell asleep at the festival last weekend; it was about 40 degrees outside, and we were exhausted.
I found a blog by the mother of a 10-year-old leukemia patient. I've got to tell you how I found it, then I'll give you the link. Good blog.

A man named David Haas asked me about putting a guest post on my blog. I got it, and while it's a much different style than my writings, I thought I'd go ahead and let him do it. That will go up Monday morning.

In the process of seeing who he is, I went to his blog, which is also really good. In fact, it's better than his guest article, but that's because his guest article serves a different purpose than his blog. (I'll link his blog below, too, because I want to say something about it first as well.)

Anyway, one of the comments on his blog was from a lady who said her blog is called "THAT SUCKS."

Yeah, That Sucks!

As it turns out, that's what her 10-year-old son said when he was told that his leukemia had relapsed.

Funny now, isn't it? I mean, it's not funny that he has leukemia, but the comment is funny because the kid has a great attitude. There are some truly great people in this earth, and a lot of them are your next-door neighbors and co-workers. You cannot help but look at the pictures on his mom's blog and not feel better about life on earth in general. That's just how it is.

Back in the hospital when we were less freezing and less exhausted
By the way, they are taking donations for Tucker. My experience is that making donations like that makes me feel better than a good movie, so if a movie is worth $15 or more for you and your buddy to go, then helping a kid like that is worth more.

Ok, i just went and donated $15. This is my pitch to ask you to do the same. No, wait ... this is my pitch to get you to buy one of Tucker's tags, which are $13. He only keeps $10 that way, but maybe the tag will get someone else to give.

Some of you gave great donations for Jerry's dentist bill, and I got near to $500. The dentist also agreed to drop the price by about $1000, and they're doing a bake sale back home. Thank you for your help!

Also, this blog isn't about donations, and my friends know my focus is not money. But because my focus is not money, I know that giving feels great. I'm sorry so many charlatans, especially religious ones whom God will reap the rewards of their evil behavior, use donation requests to extort money for grandiose living, self-glorification, and shameless temples. Giving is supposed to feel great and be delightful. It ought to give us great joy to contribute to organizations like the Shriners, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, missionaries we trust, etc.

Ok, say back to David Haas' blog. My favorite recent post on his blog is called "Warrior Dash." I mean, how could it not be. He discusses a type of 5K race that you know I'd loved to have tried (a perfect Nathan and Abby type race), and he gives tribute to people with cancer who are going through treatments. Hey, that's me all the way through.


  1. Your post about Tucker was awesome, thank you so much! it made me smile!
    Amber (Tucker's mom)

  2. Your blog about Tucker made me smile, too, so we're even!