Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30 #2: Photos and Fall Beauty

Don't let this post hide the fact that I already wrote one earlier today.

My wife took this picture while she was walking yesterday
I went for a walk in the beautiful fall weather earlier today. No matter how weak I am, the doctors want me to try to fit in a walk or two each day. Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful that I walked outside for 15 minutes. Today I felt so much better that it took great strength of will not to try running. I'm definitely not supposed to run. Dr. Strickland told me to avoid running if my platelets were below 75. When we checked them two days ago, they were at 33. They should be going down, not up.

I've taken several pictures of trees like this even though I don't know what kind it is.
Normal is around 300, and anything under 150 is low. Platelets are what stop you from bleeding. Dr. Strickland said that it's not good for my joints to run when my platelets are low. I started thinking what it would be like to twist my ankle badly (or break it!) when my platelets are probably under 20.

That thought helped keep me honest.

Anyway, the walk yesterday and today in this incredible fall weather made me want to post pictures.

I know the secret of being a good photographer. Being a great one means learning a lot more secrets and having a talent that I probably don't have. But I do have two tips that will make anyone a good photographer, assuming you have even a decent camera:

  1. Don't stifle the natural awe that we humans have for beauty. Sometimes it doesn't seem cool to be awed by beauty. Don't let that happen to you. If it's beautiful, take a picture of it. (I'm not talking about people.)
  2. If you're not sure you captured what gave you awe, take the picture again ... and again ... and again ... and again ... and again ... and from every angle you can think of.

Thank God for the digital age, where multiple pictures are cheap, free even.

Nothing like hillsides in the fall in Tennessee

Another picture my wife took. Morning dew.

Hillside at the apartments here in Nashville

The Grande View Apartments are providing us a place to stay during cancer treatment.

 That's all for today. I'm not a great photographer, so this is enough for an average guy.


  1. i think they're beautiful. (just now catching up on your blogs...i went out of town for 10 days and totally forgot my computer!)

    hope to have your book back to you soon; i DID remember to take IT with me. :)