Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 13: Something New Every Day

Hwy 64 near Rose Creek Road
Hi again, everyone!

The transplant committee met, and they want me to go through one more round of "consolidation" chemotherapy. That's chemotherapy that is given to maintain remission after "induction" rounds that put leukemia in remission. I'm sure that's the result of finding "blasts," or immature blood cells in my spinal fluid.

When they found the blasts and called me, they had not yet determined that they were abnormal leukemia cells. However, there were three good reasons for thinking they were leukemic.

  1. I had leukemia
  2. The chemotherapy I received wouldn't reach the spinal fluid
  3. The blasts aren't supposed to be there

Hence, the conclusion that those blasts are almost certainly leukemia cells that made their way into the spinal fluid and thus escaped the rounds of chemo. They are treating those directly with methotextrate injected into the spinal fluid. They'll give me a second dose today.

There will be more methotextrate and lumbar punctures next week, but they want a standard consolidation round of chemotherapy as well. Dr. Strickland is supposed to decide by today what I should be getting, and Nurse Works is telling me that I'll be admitted to the hospital for this round.

Jerry called last night, and I told him I'm back on schedule with him. He'll get the last of his teeth pulled this coming week. Then he'll need two weeks to heal, and then he can start his tests for his transplant. It will be nice to through the transplant at the same time he is. We encourage each other.

Oh, and I feel a lot better than yesterday. I'll make sure to take my anti-nausea meds with me to the hospital, though, just in case.

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