Friday, July 1, 2011

June 30, 2011: Still Can't Nail It Down!

We went in yesterday for the Cat scan and echocardiogram, but there's not much to report. Let's just jump to today.

Yesterday, the doctor wasn't in. He didn't need to be there for the tests. The lady at the desk promised he would call.

In the afternoon, his nurse called. The doctor had been looking at my blood and had brought up my case several times, she said. Then she explained that the tests weren't conclusive. I surely have an acute leukemia, but what kind was unsure.

The doctor still wanted me to go to Vanderbilt, a really excellent hospital in Nashville, but we needed a test tomorrow, she said.

So today is tomorrow (yeah, sounds odd, I know), and the doctor did indeed call me back ... and tell me that even the pathologist can't nail down what I have. It may even be a form of lymphoma rather than leukemia, and it may involve "dendritic cells," which are not well understood.

He'd love to start treatment he said, but not if they don't know what I have and don't know the right treatment to give!

So here I am, tying this out at midnight, starting this blog at the advice of the lady from the Christian writers group in Murfreesboro, near Nashville. Vanderbilt was supposed to call today to give me an outpatient appointment so they could try anything else to determine what I've got. The doctor from the cancer clinic is hoping they'll biopsy the bumps on my back. (I'll spare you the pictures today. If you want to see them, look at the last post.)

I did write a blog last night concerning some of my thoughts about having leukemia. I'll make that my next post, and I'll call it a night.

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