Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11: Waking Up Hungry

I don't notice getting weaker day by day, but I am noticing the week by week progression. Getting around takes a little more effort than it did last week.

And today is the second day in a row I woke up dreaming of food!

Day before yesterday, I wrote a web page on "The True Church". It had a lot to do with recent claims I'd heard from the Orthodox Church, and the post was written largely to refute those claims Biblically and historically.

Patriarch Constantine VI
So I went to bed that night, and in the morning I dreamed that by some honorary technical obligation I was appointed a priest in the Orthodox Church. I was at a monastery for a group ordination, and people who were mad at me were having to bow to me in the hallways. (I have no idea if that really happens in Orthodox monasteries.) I didn't like the practice, so I would bow back to them.

Then I was led--through a back door as they still wouldn't let me use the priests' door because they didn't like me--to the banquet for the newly ordained. I sat down next to my oldest son, who was there for some unknown reason, and filled my plate with what was basically a Thanksgiving feast.

I went for the ham first, slathered in gravy. I had just raised it to my lips when I woke up.

I sat up in bed, and my wife asked me if I was ready for some carrot/apple/beet/parsley juice.

Sure. Sounds great.

Food Dream #2

So this morning I dreamed that I was driving a bus with a lot of the people from Rose Creek Village on it. We were on a mountain freeway, and I couldn't stay focused. My mind would wander, and I kept missing curves and veering across lanes of traffic while cars slammed on their brakes and spun out to avoid us.

So I pulled over at a rest stop, which I also didn't do very well, and by now the police were on our tail, lights flashing. I found a parking spot, which was also very difficult, but I'll spare you the story.

When I got out, the police saw I was sick, so they just drove on.

Then I went inside the rest stop, which was made of old wood and painted red like a barn. I was trying every vending machine and every counter looking for something that I was allowed to eat. This went on for a long time.

Oddly enough, there was a big auditorium in this building, and I could hear revival preaching going on in there. The preacher was saying that he would follow God no matter what happened to him, even if he got some disease. He listed some diseases, but when he got to leukemia, he said it wrong. Then he started calling for people to come up for prayer if they had those diseases.

I ignored him because I was really hungry, and I wanted to find food first.

Then I woke up. My wife was sitting in the living room portion of the RV, and the first words out of my mouth were, "Can I please have some food."

My wife's wonderful, so we went in the house, and she whipped me up some eggs while everyone came out and told me happy birthday.

It's a great life I live, even if it is a little weird.


  1. Amazing post. You had me at, "Sure. Sounds great."


  3. Thanks, Allison and Eric! As for you, Laurie Ann, Pavao's are always hungry!