Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31 Update 1: Where I've Been

I've been unable to get on the computer for 2 days, so only those who know me on Facebook or in person have gotten any news, and that's not been much.

That paper is the description on one of the medications!
Of course, there's not much news. The pathology report isn't due until tomorrow, but no one's wondering whether it's going to verify what the doctor said about my biopsy being clean.

So for the last two days, it's been get up, get a shower, eat breakfast, see the doctors, see the nurse, do whatever exercise I'm able to do, go through a couple morning treatment routines, see visitors all day and nap in between, then have dinner.

Shortly after dinner, the left side of my neck begins to ache. Over the next couple hours it increases and a headache follows right behind. If it gets bad enough, I order an oxycodon and try to sleep. If not, I just try to sleep. By morning, after waking up a couple time for the nurses to take vital signs--and for a hemorrhoid treatment--I wake up feeling okay, though a little later than I've been waking up before.

Today I put all the visitors off until after lunch so I can write this update.

Also, last night's neck and head ache, the third night in a row of that, was much milder than the night before, so I'm hoping for something better tonight.

I talked with the nurse, and there's nothing I'm taking near dinner time to explain the repeated neck aches, which are not there at any other time of day. It's only in one muscle, and massage doesn't relieve it. Very weird.

Dinner continues to be "mystery meal," though yesterday the meals seemed closer to what's been ordered. There's not enough consistent in dinner to explain the neck aches, either. So far, our best guess is that I'm simply exhausted and should have gone straight to bed after dinner!

I don't want to write a long post, get interrupted, then never put anything up, so I'll put the rest in a couple shorter posts.

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