Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29: News from the Doc

I have a lot to tell you about. Well, it's not a lot to say, but it's a lot to type. So let me give you the short and sweet first, so that Hannah can feel free to write whatever she wants, then I'll add all the other stuff in another post.

The pathology report is not back yet, but so far everything is clean, and Dr. Strickland says that the biopsy they got is so "knocked down" that he can't imagine it won't be clean.

Oh, and apparently, Joel won't have to wait very long to see how accurate his bald caricature of me was.

More later ...


  1. Everyone here is rejoicing with you. We are going to do a small fast this Sunday for you and the bone match thing. The Kenyans have been praying consistently and send their love. You look good and I'm looking forward to getting heartburn with you again at El Paleminos. Much love abba

  2. Hi David & Abba!

    Haven't been on computer in two days. Busy in mornings, miserable in evenings--at least physically. Been praying for y'all, and I love you, too!