Friday, July 8, 2011

News Flash: Up to the Minute Leukemia News

Well, the doctor just called. I'm a Leukemia patient again. There's just not enough "markers" to confirm a Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm diagnosis.

Dr. Strickland says they're just going to call it an acute leukemia, but one which is not "differentiated."

So the carnal lesson is that he wants to start chemo by the end of next week. My brother's coming to visit a week from today, though, so I'm going to email the doc and ask him if I can wait till Monday the 18th.

The spiritual lesson I feel like I'm getting loud and clear:

"Good grief, kid. I tell you to trust me, and you do that, but you're so busy analyzing diseases that you've got everything figured out. So I give you an extremely rare diagnosis, and you've still planned the whole recovery out and what's going to happen. Well, try that with this one. You have some general, unknown acute leukemia. You have nothing. Look that one up if you can!"

Got it. Onward, ho!


  1. lol. you've become a "lay expert" on rare diseases. I'm sure God will use even this in the future as you encounter other leukemia patients.

  2. I'm glad but still a little worried. I hate the unknowning, and God knows I don't like it. So he maybe teaching you some lesson, but................that is life. Still praying a match is found and you recover. How long or fast, I don't care, just want recovery. Love ya Paul.

  3. Paul,
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Know that you are in our thoughts, prayers, and lessons learned.
    One of your many cousins