Friday, July 8, 2011

Comments Not Working?

If any of you have been trying to comment and failing, it happened to me, too! I can't comment on my own blog!

I will see what I can find out tomorrow. Some people can comment, so it's not that the comments are turned off. I checked all the settings. I can comment on all my other blogs, but not this one.

At the very least, I'll email Google for help tomorrow.


  1. just checking to see if *I* can comment.

  2. i wonder if it has to do with the fact that on my blogger dashboard, it says, "Comments Not Working?" (title of your post), posted by NOREPLY@BLOGGER.COM ...did you change the email address associated with the account? Usually all your other blogs say ("title of post"), posted by Paul Pavao, or whatever name you're using to write the blog.

  3. Okay, I got an answer from a guy at Google help that I suspect is going to work. He says I and others are not able to comment because we don't have 3rd-party cookies enabled.

    He's correct that I don't have them enabled. I just enabled them, though. So, let's see if this works, and then I'll just use AdAware more often to delete the spyware cookies ...