Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011: Never Normal

Back from the doctor. Of course, I don't have something normal. I have something so rare the doctor has to call me back and figure out treatment. The name's so long it's going to take a week for me to get it memorized.

They're going to biopsy the bumps on my back tomorrow, and then we'll have better information.

We're going to lunch, so this has to be fast.

The thing I learned today is that if I thought I was going to waltz in with my faith and good attitude and bless everyone, I was wrong. I met incredible people today who have been through dramatic stress and suffering, most of them with much less support than I have. Their attitudes were awesome, and they were encouraging and delightful.

They were ministering to me, not me to them. If you want to change your attitude about life, visit a hematology department at the cancer center. What incredible people!

Okay, that's all for today. I have to go to lunch.


  1. Man, I miss you tons. Know that you are encouraging many Kenyans and at least five Muzungus here in Kenya. The tragedy of Mary's husband yesterday is just one more wake up call from Him who rules the heavens. Each breath is a gift each day a treasure. We are (as you know) praying and standing with you in finding His will. Your Diama friend abba

  2. We love you Papa Shammah! Thank you for keeping us posted. I think you will meet a lot of amazing people on this journey. I love all of the things you are saying in your post. Especially standing in the belief that there really isn't anything that can kill us. These things might become our "exit route" but in Christ there is no dying:) Only more!